If you are interested in finding out how we make our rustic wall hangings, you are in the right place. 

The material I use for the text is vinyl and I use an electronic cutter to cut the material.

There are lots of brands available if you want to get  an electronic cutter. A lot of people prefer Cricut Maker. Personally I chose to go with Brother Scan n Cut and my reason for choosing this machine is because it also scans before it cuts. This means I can put my material on a mat, feed it through the machine and scan it first, thus making sure the cutting area is covering the material and not going beyond it.

Although you can line up using a grid, this ensures no tiny corners go off the material edges. This way you can use smaller and randomly cut pieces without wasting them.

It has a small screen attached to it, so a lot of this work can be done directly on the cutter vs your laptop.

The machine can cut any material up to a certain thickness. You can cut cardstock, vinyl, etc.

Vinyl is very thin so it almost gives a painted look. The edges are sharp since there is no hand cutting involved and as you can see it can cut the tiniest, tiniest details. One customer even got me to put her logo on it. Please see below. 


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