Review: Sizzix Precision Base Plate


I was very sure about purchasing the Sizzix base plate and then I was very apprehensive about purchasing it. What changed? A whole lot of reviews where it seemed to have a lot of problems: warping of cutting pad, warping of dies, metal shavings coming out of dies and what not.

In some cases it was user error, in others I had no idea and hence my confusion.

The precision base plate is a steel plate which “allows most intricate Thinlits dies to be cut in a single pass through the machine”. Now who wouldn’t want that, right? I am sure we have all gone through hours of frustration and pulling out our hair over some of those dies.

So I gave up and I gave in. I bought it.

I just ran my first test on a heart doily which refuses to cut through and I had been thinking of dumping it. Guess what?


Yes, it cut in one pass. And as you can imagine I am over the moon!!

It was out of stock for a few months, everywhere, including their own website. I don’t know if they changed it but IMO it works amazing and well worth the saving of time and energy.

Just remember it is not meant to be used for simple dies. That is where your warping will occur. Not testing that theory, though 🙂 Another problem I believe were people’s expectations. This cuts through intricate dies…that does not mean you don’t have to poke those tiny pieces out. But not to worry. There is a solution for that, too. Coming up in the next post.

    1. Erum

      You will still need to clean it but you won’t be spending hours if it cuts through properly. And there is an easy way of doing that as well…wait for the next post.


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